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Beyond the Wall (Aya the Survivor)
Beyond the wall art.png
Type Human
Class/Affiliation Unknown
Model Attributes
Originally Released Unknown
Model Material Plastic
Base Size special


This diorama continues the story of Aya the Survivor, although released first, this sculpt finds Aya battered and on the run, hiding behind convenient rubble from an unseen foe. We are reissuing Beyond the Wall to accompany the release of a new figure chronicling earlier (more hopeful) moments of Aya's journey.[1]

Limited Release plastic model, special scenic base with wall fragment.[2]

Art: Lokman Lam

Sculpture: Hector Moran

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Beyond the Wall reissue includes two new gear cards from the Vagabond armor set worn by Aya (Hard Breastplate and Cloth Leggings).[3]