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Supersamuri0987 Supersamuri0987 4 February 2017

Welcome to the Kingdom Death Wiki - Quick Intro to Editing

We're super excited to have you here! Hopefully this site will be a useful resource for you, whether you're looking to dig into the lore of a particular monster, checking out how other people may have painted a model, or looking for clarity on some of the more commonly misunderstood rules.

If you're looking to contribute, we simply ask that you follow a few simple guidelines to make sure the site stays organized and consistent!

  1. Editing Kingdom Death wiki pages requires you to have a Fandom account and be signed in. This is to ensure that we can keep track of changes being made and prevent damage from trolls.
  2. When making edits or adding pages, make sure to take a look at other pages in the same category to make sure formatting and consistency …
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