The Flower Knight was introduced in the Flower Knight expansion to the Kingdom Death: Monster core game. The expansion also includes a campaign variant titled The Bloom People.

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Flower Knight
Flower knight art
Type Monster (Quarry)
Class/Affiliation Unknown
Model Attributes
Originally Released Flower Knight Expansion (2016)
Model Material Unknown
Base Size Unknown


"In the heart of the forest dwells a delicate gardener who appreciates solitude over all things. Sadly, the dangerous flora and fauna it cultivates are desired by many. To preserve the hidden world it has created for itself, it trades its tools for a deadly blade without hesitation."[1]

Within the Abyssal Forest lies a hidden grove, defended from intruders by a mystical gate. Those who are able to earn the favor of the gate are welcomed at the grove by the Flower Knight. Those who have encountered the Flower Knight and the garden which it cultivates struggle to properly convey the ethereal beauty of the creature and the power that emanates from its domain.

While the Flower Knight seems to prefer its solitude within the grove, it tolerates the reverence of survivors who view it as a god. It appears that it will even allow them to take some flowers from the grove, in exchange for parts of other monsters.

However, those who come seeking to ransack the grove are greeted with the swift and deadly precision of the Flower Knights swordsmanship, working in tandem with the flora of the grove itself. The bodies of those defeated by the Flower Knight become fertilizer for the grove, while those who leave victorious tend to find themselves addicted to the grove and the plants that grow there, compelling them to return in the future.


Flower knight model

Flower Knight build, via

Sculpted by Thomas David

Build guide can be found at

Flower knight model wip

Flower Knight WIP shots from Thomas David, via Kingdom Death Tumblr, January 26

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The Flower Knight is sold separately from the Kingdom Death: Monster core game as an expansion. It can be combined into a custom campaign as a quarry monster, or players can choose to play with the Bloom People campaign variant.


Players who wish to add the Flower Knight to their campaign as a quarry monster will encounter the introductory Flower Knight timeline event on Lantern Year 5.[2]

The Bloom People Campaign Variant

The Bloom People is a new campaign variant wherein the survivors settle nearby the Flower Knights grove and worship the creature as a god. The campaign variant allows the survivors the ability to exchange monster parts for flower resources, which can then be used to craft gear from the Flower Knight expansion. In this campaign variant, the survivors are NOT allowed to hunt the Flower Knight as their quarry.[2] It should be noted that this campaign variant is not nearly as involved as the People of the Sun (Sunstalker) or People of the Stars (Dragon King) campaign variants.


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