Frogdog art
Type Monster(Quarry)
Class/Affiliation Unknown
Model Attributes
Originally Released Unknown
Model Material Resin/Plastic
Base Size 50mm


NOTE: The following Lore is based on the early Kickstarter 1.5 Content Pitch, and is subject to change.

The Cess Pond at the base of the Inverted Mountain is filled with an eternal rain of filth and death that runs off the inverted slope above. This is the habitat of the Frogdog. It is a place of impressive and improbable life, with vegetation that will fertilize your foot and then steal it from you.

Amidst this mire of foul smells there is one stench that is king above them all, for it is so potent it actually broadens your life perspective. Cultures that grow near the Cess Pond develop many words for unpleasant aromas, but only the Frogdog's scent is considered a curse word!

The Frogdog has unique pads on the underside of its hands and feet that absorb salt from the pond. When it feels threatened, the Frogdog expells gas from its unique double-sphincter. The first sphincter wraps the devastatingly acidic gas in a rubbery mucus bubble and specialized organs that control the second sphincter reverse its polarity, charging the bubbles with an electric field that is attracted to the electric fields of unlucky survivors. Upon touch, it detonates, showering the survivor in fecal misery and face-melting pain. The Frogdog's tongue is also sticky and poisonous and can paralyze hapless survivors.

The Frogdogs have a prolonged mating process which can take weeks or even lantern years. Once fertilized, the acting female (Frogdogs can change their sex between mating seasons) will typically devour the male and begin an extended birthing cycle which can last for lantern decades. Dogpoles are spawned at a near constant rate from the female's birthing canals, sometimes even coughing them up from eggs that were fertilized in the base of its stomach. The Dogpoles need their food broken down into a fine paste. Between the Frogdogs acidic emissions and tendency to repeatedly hop on food, they are excellent at grinding bones and meat into a delicious Dogpole friendly mess.

Attempts at domesticating Dogpoles are foolish as they grow into Frogdogs. Usually the first change is their face and the last is the loss of their tail.[1]


Originally a Limited Release resin model. Planned Frogdog expansion announced in the Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5 Kickstarter. 50mm base.[2]

Art: Danny Cruz

Sculpture: Allan Carrasco

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The Frogdog is a new expansion announced for Kingdom Death: Monster during the 1.5 Kickstarter campaign. The Frogdog will be a Node 1 quarry, meant to be a replacement for early game quarry like the White Lion. The expansion is planned to have two armor sets, making it a good early game or late game target.

The Frogdog expansion will be required by the Inverted Mountain Campaign.


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