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Gorm was added in the Gorm expansion to the Kingdom Death: Monster core game.

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Gorm art.jpg
Type Monster (Quarry)
Class/Affiliation Unknown
Model Attributes
Originally Released Gorm Expansion (2016)
Model Material Unknown
Base Size Unknown


"One day, great woe fell upon the settlement. Unrelenting storms raged overhead. Out of the squall, a giant beast came to gobble up the strongest and most beautiful, then wandered back into the darkness with a lonesome cry, searching for a mate."[1]

The Gorm travel enormous distances in their life cycles, shaping the landscapes with their enormous appetites and extreme bodily functions.

Young Gorm roam the darkness devouring anything that moves (and many things that don't). During their mating season, older Gorm produce storms of incredible destruction. Ancient Gorm that have lived hundreds of lantern years will make a final solitary march to the fabled gormyards to die.

The Gorm is a volatile quarry, but the complexities of its anatomy can unlock powerful tools for the settlement.[2]


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The Gorm expansion adds the new Gorm quarry monster to the Kingdom Death: Monster core game. The Gorm is an alternative early-game quarry, meant to give survivors a new choice next to the White Lion. Survivors can start hunting the Gorm in Lantern Year 1.


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