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Holy Lands
Vital statistics
Type City, Industrial
Level Unknown
Location Unknown
Inhabitants The Golden Entity, The Lion Knights, Chosen, Forge God, Forge Priest, Grand Mothers, Blessed Ones, Mothers, Wet Nurses, Holy Landers, White Knights, White Knight Heavies, White Lions


The Holy Lands are the domain of a vain being known as the Golden Entity. Populated with great grinding machinery, molten pools of god metal, and a variety of strange beings all seemingly churning towards a singular purpose; to literally give birth to the perfect army.

While there is not a great deal of information available, it should be noted that there are two specific locations referenced as part of the Holy Lands: the Golden Labyrinth, and the Holy City.

The Golden Labyrinth is hinted to be a prison, containing the failure that was the First Lion Knight.

The Holy City is likely the main hub of the Holy Lands, where the bulk of the Golden Entities machines and subjects are headquartered.[1]


The Holy Lands do not appear to be directly referenced in the materials for Kingdom Death: Monster. Instead, all lore has been gleaned from the descriptions of multiple models released for purchase on the Kingdom Death shop.

We do however encounter entities with their origins rooted in the Holy Lands, specifically the White Lion and the Lion Knight.


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