The King's Man is a nemesis monster that was introduced as part of the core Kingdom Death: Monster board game.

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King's Man
Kings Man Art
Type Monster (Nemesis)
Class/Affiliation Unknown
Model Attributes
Originally Released Kingdom Death: Monster Core Game (2015)
Model Material Unknown
Base Size Unknown


"There was once a monster that was to lead its master's regal procession. First the monster came as a herald, then its hungry masters. So fierce were the monster's masters that it never thought to protect its own back, knowing what horrors lay behind it."[1]

The King's Men are stoic beings who travel through the darkness, seeking out survivor settlements. Their presence heralds the approach of The King, a ravenous being who mercilessly devours all in it's path.[2]

It appears that the purpose of the King's Men is to ensure that the survivor settlements maintain a certain size. When appearing at a settlement, the King's Man will methodically move between the settlement's populace, taking count of the number of survivors. If the King's Man deems the settlement too large, it immediately moves to weaken the settlement, generally in the form of executing survivors. If the King's Man deems the settlement to be the appropriate size or smaller, it will wander back into the darkness, sometimes leaving behind a gift for the settlement.[3]

It is worth noting that the ranks of the King's Men appear to be filled with past survivors afflicted with the King's Curse. Upon striking a killing blow against a King's Man, a human contracts the King's Curse and must watch as their body horrifically warps and contorts into the same shapes as the King's Men. After contracting the curse enough times, the afflicted entirely loses their humanity and wanders off into the darkness, a servant to their new King.[4]


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The King's Man is a nemesis monster which first appears at the settlement in Lantern Year 6. Depending upon the size of the settlement, the King's Man will either attack or will return to the darkness, in most cases leaving behind some sort of gift.


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