The Lion God was added to the Kingdom Death: Monster core game in the Lion God expansion.

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Lion God
Lion god model 1
Type Monster (Quarry)
Class/Affiliation Unknown
Model Attributes
Originally Released Lion God Expansion (2016)
Model Material Unknown
Base Size Unknown


"There was once a ruler that outlived their kingdom. As their body began to petrify, they were visited by a worm that offered them power in exchange for their memories. Now a mindless beast, silver oozes from its nails and warps its bones as it rages in the ruins of its city, always in pain."[1]

The Lion God was once the ruler of the Silver City. Now, inhabited by a large parasite known as the Knowledge Worm, the ruler has taken on this monstrous form and stalks angrily through the abandoned streets of his city.


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The Lion God expansion adds the Lion God as a new quarry, available to be hunted starting at Lantern Year 13. The Lion God introduces an interesting mechanic wherein the survivors have the option of exploring sinkholes which open up during the showdown. Exploring in this manner can reward the survivors with strange relics from the Silver City's past.

Silver City Expansion Announcement

During the 1.5 Update Kickstarter campaign (December 2016), Adam Poots announced the Silver City expansion. The Silver City expansion will require the existing Lion God expansion, and will build upon the Lion God by allowing survivors to delve deeper into the ancient remains of the Silver City.[2]


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