The Lion Knight was introduced to the Kingdom Death: Monster core game in the Lion Knight expansion.

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Lion Knight (The Second)
Second lion knight art
Type Monster (Nemesis)
Class/Affiliation Unknown
Model Attributes
Originally Released Lion Knight Expansion (2016)
Model Material Unknown
Base Size Unknown


"There was once a monster who was shunned by its creator and left to wander the darkness. Lost in the world of humans, it was driven insane in its attempts to comprehend them. Now, the only reality it accepts exists deep inside its hollow, broken mind."[1]

Incapable of emotion, the Lion Knight seeks to understand the world around it through its bizarre, self-serving stage productions. Between performances, it is a distant husk, unaffected by the normal world.

When the time comes, "actors" are gathered by the Lion Knight's masked retinue to join it onstage. There, it hopes to capture and vicariously experience their excitement, fears, and ultimately, their deaths. However, it remains up to the survivors to decide whether or not they stick to their scripts.[2]

Three brother generals command the vast armies of the Golden Entities domain. Each imbued with a different temperament and a strong will of their own. The middle brother is the most attached to the human industry and artistry. He cultivates a courtly civilized appearance and graceful swordsmanship, surrounding himself with human thralls allowing them to enjoy their short tragic existence in his awesome presence.[3]


Lion knight model

Lion Knight build, via

Art: Danny Cruz

Sculpture: Juan Navarro Perez

Build guide can be found at

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The Lion Knight is a new Nemesis monster introduced to the Kingdom Death: Monster core game in the Lion Knight expansion. The Lion Knight appears in the settlement in Lantern Year 6. The Nemesis showdown for the Lion Knight is triggered during the Settlement phase, meaning that the settlement phase is interrupted and begins where it left off after the showdown completes.


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