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Silver City
Silver city art.jpg
Vital statistics
Type Unknown
Level Unknown
Location Unknown
Inhabitants CONFIRMED:

Lion God

UNCONFIRMED/UNRELEASED: Lost Knight, Bone Ghosts, Silverlight Jellyfish, Leaping Octopus


The Silver City is an ancient lost city, buried deep under the earth. After the decline of the city, its previous ruler took a strange parasite into his body, warping and twisting him into the Lion God. The Lion God now stalks the abandoned streets of his city, taking out his rage on any crossing his path.

Survivors who stumble across the Silver City can plumb its depths for artifacts of power. Although, like any good artifact of power, almost all of them tend to be cursed![1]


The Silver City can be visited during the Showdown with the Lion God. As the fight rages on, there's a possibility for sinkholes to open up in the hollow earth. Survivors can explore down into the sinkhole, uncovering different ruins of the Silver City. If lucky they will escape with valuable items.

In the Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5 Kickstarter, the Silver City expansion was announced. This expansion will require the original Lion God expansion, adding a dungeon exploration mechanic in lieu of hunting a quarry. [2]


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