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The Butcher is included as part of the Kingdom Death: Monster core game.

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The Butcher
Illustration by Yasmine Putri
Illustration by Yasmine Putri
Type Monster (Nemesis)
Class/Affiliation Forsaker
Model Attributes
Originally Released Kingdom Death: Monster - Core Game (2015)
Model Material Resin
Base Size 2 x 2


"There once was a man who could not hide his fear. He wore a mask that transformed his cowardice to rage. In turn, the man transformed into a monster. All that remained was a devouring fury that stalked the night, collecting the fearful faces of others."[1]

"The Butcher is the remains of a Forsaker swallowed by long years of wrestling with the primal rage that gave him power. Nothing remains of the man, just a mess of flesh clinging to the insides of the Forsaker's armor, animated by nihilistic fury to destroy on the road through oblivion.

The Butcher collects the lanterns and skinned faces of his victims, a perversion of the humanity that echoes inside its near hollow armor."[2]


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Model sculpted by Thomas David

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"The Butcher is a nemesis monster, that constantly stalks the players and grows with their power."[2]

As part of the standard People of the Lantern campaign, the survivors first face-off against The Butcher starting in Lantern Year 4.


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