The Watcher was introduced in the Kingdom Death: Monster core campaign.

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The Watcher
The watcher art
Type Monster (Nemesis - Campaign Boss)
Class/Affiliation Unknown
Model Attributes
Originally Released Kingdom Death: Monster Core Game (2015)
Model Material Unknown
Base Size Unknown


"Long ago, ravenous beasts searched the darkness, using their keen senses to find their prey. In the distance, they saw a blooming pillar of light surrounded by tasty morsels bustling in their tiny industry.

Licking their chops, they approached, but the beasts halted mid-step. The wind carried a foul, menacing presence. Surely the busy creatures were harmless. Yet, the menacing warning persisted, felt in their very bones. Instinctively, the beasts turned away, seeking their meals elsewhere."[1]

The Lantern Hoard which survivors flock to like moths to a flame hides a horrible secret. Deep within the towering pile of lanterns slumbers a terribly powerful being, The Watcher. While in hibernation, the mere presence of The Watcher is enough to keep most monsters at bay, making the Lantern Hoard a safe haven for humans.

However, upon awakening, The Watcher devours every living being nearby before traveling for an eon in search of a new location to hibernate at.


Limited Release resin model, 50mm. Also packaged with the Kingdom Death: Monster core game, plastic.[2]

The watcher model

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The Watcher is the finale showdown of the Kingdom Death: Monster core campaign, attacking the settlement in the 25th Lantern Year (although the survivors can choose to face The Watcher starting in Lantern Year 20).


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