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Twilight Knight
Twilight knight art.jpg
Type Human
Class/Affiliation Twilight Order
Model Attributes
Originally Released Unknown
Model Material Resin
Base Size 30mm


"Clad in dark bronze armor and robed in a deep hooded cloak. They stand on the edge of the known world, a life devoted to battling foul creatures and horrifying abominations to shield the weaker from such peril."[1]

The Twilight Knights order once protected the recorded knowledge of humanity in Kingdom Death. Now in shambles, the Twilight Knights, with their archivists, struggle to keep the tiny flame of knowledge alive.

Initiates to the Twilight Knight order are permanently altered to protect their minds from the horrors they use face in their quest. Detached and unfeeling, they are prepared to pay any cost to salvage and protect the valuable records of wisdom that remain in the world.[2]


Limited Release resin model, 30mm base.[3]

Art: Yasmine Putri

Sculpture: Yannick Hennabo

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